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We know that the privacy policy is essential for every user of By participating, the user agrees to be bound by this privacy policy like when they use various services collectively given by

(“Services”) (“Authorized Customers”) denoted the details that identify or can be utilized to contact, or identify the individuals to whom such data pertains. This also includes but is not limited to the Name, Phone Number, email address, etc

The headings given in this Policy are just to segregate and coordinate the different provisions under this Policy in a systematic way, and will not be employed by one or the other Party to analyze the provisions contained thus in any way. In addition, it is consented explicitly to by the Parties and the headings given here will have no authoritative as well as legitimate value.

The exercise done by the user on the Website is denoted exclusively by the Policy as well as Terms of Use of the this Website ("Terms'', accessible, and any adjustments or revisions made there by the organization every once in a while, at its only tact.

Visiting the home page or service page of and additionally using the services will be considered to signify the absolute acknowledgement of this policy and previously formulated Policy. The Users are giving the consent explicitly to be bound by the same. The User consents that the Policy stated here is the co-end. The end/ expiry of one will incite the termination of the other.

The User clearly agrees that this Policy or the previously formulated Policy is an established and legitimate official agreement between and the User. Hence, the user is subject to the terms, rules, guidelines, and conditions applicable to the services that are given by and that the similar will be contemplated to be incorporated into the Terms. This will be treated as the vital part of anything that is similar to it.

The User consents that no signature or any express denomination is anticipated to make the Terms and the Policy restricting on the individual who is using our websites or services. The demonstration of the User visiting any section of our Website compromises of the full name as well as the final consent of this Policy.


We value the safety and privacy of your data. We have developed this Privacy Policy to make you understand our process to collect the parameters and information for Non-Disclosure.

The (“Website”) with the domain name is operated and owned by Impian Global Media Pvt Ltd. This is a private firm and is incorporated as per the Companies Act Provisions, 2012.

It is a Private Company limited by shares and we have our registered office at Second Floor, 1/22, Asaf Ali Road, Delhi, Central Delhi, Delhi, 110002 where such statement shall, unless objectionable to the circumstances thereof, be regarded to include its particular representatives, directors, employees, administrators, officers, agents, & their successors and assigns.

The Privacy Policy applies as soon you check our Sites or Services. It does not apply to any services or websites that we do not control or own but includes the Services or Sites of Users.

The User also agrees that holds the sole as selective right to change or alter the current and previously formulated Terms without any permission or intimidation to the User. The Users are also well aware that any amendments or modifications made to the Policy will be effective right away and the company is not liable to inform you of any changes/ alterations made to the Terms/Policy. Hence, the Users are advised to check the Policy from time to time so that the User is updated on the latest Policies and Terms.

By any chance, if the User keeps on using the website of and its services following such changes, the user agrees to have assented to all/ any amendments or revisions made to the Policy.

What type of personal information do we compile?

We gather all the personal details when you utilize our Services or visit our Sites. It includes the following:-


When you register yourself to utilize our Services by signing into our Account, we will gather your Personal Data. Our team will ensure to fulfill the Services you demand. Based upon the Services you pick, we might require you to share the following to register your account. Name, Phone Number & Email Address.

Information Collection

We may ask you to give us additional Personal Details as you utilize our Services. DealsnCoupons and the third parties (that offer functionality or content on our website) may use Local Shared Objects, pixel tags, cookies, and related technologies to accumulate these details automatically. To know more about this, please check the Cookie Section.

Our team may collect some technical information to fix and address the technical issues. This includes the memory state of your devices when an app or system crashes while using our Sites.

Your browser or device settings may allow you to control this technical data collection. Using our Sites or Services, you are giving us the consent to accumulate the technical data.

What steps does DealsnCoupons take to Process your Personal Data?

We might Process your data because:-

To function the Sites and offer the types of Services

This includes:-

Authenticating your access
Communicate with you regarding the Services, the Sites, DealsnCoupons, or your account.

For managing our business requirements

It includes analyzing, improving, and monitoring the functionality and the performance of the Sites and Services. For instance, we examine User behavior and do research about the manner in which you utilize our Services.

To oversee hazards and safeguard the Services, the Sites, and you from scams by doing the verification of your identity

DealsnCoupons’ fraud and risk tool utilizes your Personal Data, Technical Usage Data, and Device Information from our Sites. It is basically done to distinguish and prevent abuse & fraud of the Services.

To offer personalized types of assistance offered by DealsnCoupons on third-party platforms

We might utilize your personal information and other data as per this Privacy Policy to give a targeted display, offer, Services, or features to you on third-party sites. We might utilize tracking technologies or cookies to offer services and work with third parties like analytics or advertising organizations to offer online services.

Can any visitor/ registered user deactivate or delete the Personally Identifiable Information accumulated by the Site?

We give an opportunity to our Authorized Clients and Visitors to deactivate or delete the Personally Identifiable Information from the database for the Site. But for this, you need to contact us.

In any case, if any individual requests to deactivate the Personally Identifiable Information will have this information functionally deleted. We will not transfer, sell, or utilize the Personally Identifiable Information that is related to any individual in any way.

Personal Data we collect directly from the Users

The Personal Data we collect directly from the user may include identifiers, visual information, or internet activity information. We may collect such information in the following situations:-

If the user expresses an interest in obtaining additional information about our services; registers to use our app or to receive communications; participates in or uses our products and services where Contact information, such as Name, Address, Phone number, email address, username and password, taxpayer identification number or any other government-issued identification number which the user have voluntarily chosen to share will be shared at (website). The user agrees and understands that such data uploaded to is for aggregate and internal reporting to improve user experience continuously.

It is policy to limit the information collected to only the minimum information that we believe is useful to provide the features of the App and to enhance the user’s experience of our content within the App. reserves the right to monitor, edit, and remove any content available on the App, but is not obligated to do so.


Cookies are small snippets of information that is stored in a web browser. It is carried out by the webserver. It is used to track the behavior from a particular browser. Cookies are a great source to enable the browser to remember the specific data provided to the user, including but not limited to the login identification of the user, passwords, etc.

The user is conscious that the Website utilizes the devices of collection data like cookies on specific Website pages to analyze the flow of the webs page, promote safety and trust, measure the promotional effectiveness. Certain Website features are available via the cookies unsafe. The User has full freedom to decline the cookies and if by any chance the browser permits, then the User won't be able to see some features consequently.

Sharing/Divulging the Personal Information

The User authorizes us to share their personal details with other corporate affiliates and corporate entities to deliver or help regarding the services, prevent and detect fraud/ theft and any other such potential illegal acts; correlate multiple or related accounts to restrict the abuse of our services, and to aid co-branded or joint services.

The User has full knowledge that the Company Website and its affiliates may sell/share some personal information regarding the user with other business entities. If the Website/ Company is acquired with or plans to merge with such a business entity, or in the event of restructuring, amalgamation, or re-organization of the Organization’s business. Any such existing or new business entities agree to be bound according to the Terms and Policy that is altered from time to time. may disclose the details if required for legal purposes, as per the order from any government entity. Our team will disclose all the details that are in:-

Comply to legal process

Confirm to legal requirements

Protection of our property and rights

Protection for our affiliated companies

Protection of national security

Prevent any crime

Protect the user or personal safety of the users can share these details with the advertisers or its partners with earlier written consent from its users. If we are compelled by any legal order directed by a law enforcement authority or law court. Such personal details will be disclosed in accordance with the law without notifying the users priorly.

Security is secure and highly protected for availing the coupons, deals,etc.Any details shared by the user on the Website is encoded for the protection of the User against any unintended disclosure to third parties.

Our Registered Users can access or check the features of the Site just by logging/signing into their account. For this, they have to use a specific username and password.

The User will only be solely responsible to protect their username as well as password. The Company has taken preliminary and extensive measures to safeguard its computer resource as well as the password. We have followed all the reasonable procedures and practices as given by Information Technology Rules 2011 (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal Information).

Even though we have taken care of all the measures as given by the law, we do not assure the system’s security or any other such details maintained or stored on these systems at every point as no measures of security are incomprehensible or impeccable. In any case, the company won’t be responsible for any breaches caused due to hacking attacks, technical failures, etc.

User’s Content

By using the Website of DealsnCoupons or/by providing the details to the Company via the Websites, The User fully gives consents to the use as well as the collection of the details that are issued by the User on our Website ensuing this Policy, it includes but is not limited to the User's content for divulging the details of the User/ Website sharing/ Company sharing, as per the contained in the Policy.


Account: This means DealsnCoupons or account of the user

DealsnCoupons: It signifies “DealsnCoupons” and affiliates or subsidiaries. In this policy, DealsnCoupons is attributed as “our”, “we”, or “us” as per the context.

Personal Data/ Information: This denotes information that is linked with an identifiable/ identified person. It will include the name of the person who signed in/ logged in to the account, email address, phone number, etc.

Process: It is a way/ method of how DealsnCoupons handles your Personal Data. It can either be done manually or through automated means, like retrieval, alteration, structuring, recording, combination, collection, organization, storage, disseminating, destruction, or erasure of Personal Data.

Services: This signifies any functions, features, services, and relatable applications, services, and websites offered to you by DealsnCoupons.

Sites: It denotes mobile apps, websites, social media platforms, or any other online properties via which DealsnCoupons offers its Services. This would be posted or linked to DealsnCoupons’s Privacy Policy.


You are expressly agreeing with the performance, analysis, condition, and formulation stated for this Policy. Both parties agree that the disputes (arise/ if any) will be resolved via the ADR mechanism. It is a two-step Alternate Dispute Resolution. Both parties (Company and the User) fully agree that the contents stated in this section will continue to exist even if the Terms/ or Policy terminates/ expires.

Mediation: If there by any chance a dispute arises between the parties, the Parties will make effort to resolve the dispute amicably with each other. The disputes will be solved as per mutual satisfaction of the parties. If both parties do not reach an amicable solution within the thirty days of communication, the dispute will be resolved by sole arbitrator/ arbitration.

Arbitration: The dispute will be forwarded to the sole arbitrator. For the arbitration, the Company will appoint an arbitrator. The verdict passed by the sole arbitrator will be valid and binding for both Parties. The Parties will bear their own expense, but the sole arbitrator can in her/ his sole discretion direct either one party to bear the whole cost for proceedings. The arbitration will be conducted in English or Hindi language and the Arbitration seat will be in the Noida (City) in Uttar Pradesh (State, India).


In any case, if the user faces any grievances in respect to the Website usage, then they may address their objection to the grievance redressal officer. The officer is authorized to note the queries or the complaints raised by the User.

The name and the contact details of the Grievance officer is mentioned below:-

Name: Manika Gupta


Address: Second Floor, 1/22, Asaf Ali Road, Delhi, Central Delhi, Delhi, 110002

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